Support our "Camera Campaign"!  Help us raise money for a top-of-the-line close-up camera to help share images of the caverns and local wildlife.  Mitchell Caverns supports a fascinating diversity of desert life including cave insects, desert tortoises, wildflowers and more. Help us document this amazing biodiversity!

Your contribution will help us  purchase  an  Olympus TG-5 camera, total cost approximately $500.00. This Olympus camera is known for the toughness necessary to handle the rugged conditions at Mitchell Caverns and can serve a variety of park functions.

The photo below was taken with an Olympus TG-5. It is a close-up photo of our endemic Niptus beetle that was taken on the "Microscope" mode of this camera.  (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Hopper.)

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Reservations are required for Cavern Tours! We strongly suggest making reservations at least 10 days in advance; tours available Friday - Sunday and some holidays. Reservations may only be made by phone on Mondays. For more information, please visit

Campground is not open.  Hole in the Wall campground in the Mojave Preserve is approximately 30 minutes away. All visitors are reminded that this park is in a remote location. Gas, food and lodging are not readily available. Please plan ahead!

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Providence Mountains State Recreation Area and Mitchell Caverns are located inside the MOJAVE NATIONAL PRESERVE