Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland

State Park

Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland is 7 miles west of the Poppy Reserve on Lancaster Road. The park protects an impressive stand of California junipers, Joshua trees and other native perennials. Springtime often brings wildflower blooms of native annuals different from those found at the Poppy Reserve, only a short distance away.

Take a hike on the easy, 1 mile Rare Juniper Trail. The trailhead is located a short distance down the nature trail. Nature trail is just beyond the shade ramada and interpretive panels. (When you get to the park, look for the pedestrian entrance on the north side of Lancaster Road, park there and follow the dirt road into the park.)

Download the Park Brochure and Rare Juniper Trail brochures below before you go. (The Park Brochure includes information about the nature trail.)

Park is open sunrise to sunset. There is a shade ramada for picnics and interpretive panels give information about park flora and fauna. (Water is not available.)