Our Mission

 Promote educational activates at our local State Parks

 Produce and distribute educational materials, including books, maps, pamphlets and recordings

 Acquire items for the department pertaining to the cultural or natural history of the area and display them in our local State Parks

 Assist in development and improvement of interpretive facilities

Aid the State of California in conserving, developing and interpreting the lands of the California State Park System for the benefit of the public

Current projects listed below

Current Projects

We are proud to announce that the following projects have been fully funded and in the process of implementation:

Tomo-Kahni Virtual Tour Project When completed, this project will result in a DVD that will expand the Tomo-Kahni experience to those not able to participate in the hiking tour required to visit Tomo-Kahni State Historic Park. This park, located near Tehachapi, protects the site of the winter home of Kawaiisu or Nuwa people.

New Windows at the Poppy Reserve

Repair and Replacement of Shade Shelters at Saddleback Butte State Park

These projects are moving forward using a combination of funds including money raised at the Poppy Reserve Gift Shop; money raised by Tomo-Kahni Volunteers; matching money from the Department of Parks and Recreation; categorical funds from the Tehachapi District of California State Parks; grants from the California State Parks Foundation;  a donation from the Tehachapi Heritage League; and  private donations.

Many thanks to everyone who is making all of this happen!

In addition PRMDIA is:

Aiding in the effort to reopen  Mitchell Caverns, a part of the Providence Mountains State Recreation Area.. Operating under the PR/MDIA umbrella, the Committee to Reopen Mitchell Caverns continues to work to raise funds ($20,000 so far) to support the reopening of this park.

Implement improvements for Saddleback Butte State Park  in cooperation with the  the Save Saddleback Committee, which has raised over $46,000 to support this park.

Continue our work with the California State Parks Foundation to strengthen our organization and improve our ability to protect and promote the five state parks that we support.