JUNE 2018


Michael Powell


Marsha Neill & Bob Waidner


Even with a number of late winter rain storms (mostly in March), this past winter was the fourth driest in the last twenty one years with only four rainstorms through February and ten total for the entire winter/spring rainy period.  The first storm occurred on 16 Nov ’17; depositing only 0.02 inches of rain in the rain gauge at the Reserve’s maintenance yard weather station.  This amount is well below the rainfall amount, 0.5 to 0.6 inches, the researchers believe is required to have adequate soil moisture to trigger any poppy seed germination.  This winter’s only significant early season rain storm occurred on 8 to 9 January ’18 during which the maintenance yard weather station recorded 1.69 inches of rainfall.  A modest number of young poppy seedlings were found following this storm; more on this below.  The third rain storm occurred on 12 to 13 Feb ’18 when the maintenance yard weather station received 0.16 inches of rainfall and the fourth storm on 26 February with 0.28 inches recorded by the maintenance yard weather station.  March itself had five additional rain storms starting on 1to 3 March and ending on 20 to 22 March.  Starting with the first March storm the recorded rainfalls were 0.39, 0.11, 0.21, 0.22 and 1.33 inches.  The last rainstorm of the season occurred on 16 April with a recorded rainfall of 0.05 inches at the maintenance yard.  Figure 1 provides a plot of these storms. 
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