September 2018


Michael Powell


Marsha Neill & Bob Waidner



I most typically end my “Report From The Field” postings with encouraging everyone to continue to visit the Poppy Reserve during the off-season times. For once, I’ll start this posting with the same encouragement. This change is primarily prompted by a recent LA Times newspaper article reporting on the health benefits of silence; something the Reserve is noted for.

During the 1990’s when we were opposing both a proposed next door wind turbine power plant facility and a race track proposed to be located on the north side of Fremont Butte, a survey was conducted of the Reserve’s visitors. The survey gave short descriptions of both proposed projects as well as possible home construction. Unexpectedly, even though the race track would not be seen, only heard, the strongest visitor opposition was for the race track and not the visual blight from 300 foot tall wind turbines along the west, south, and east boundaries of the Reserve. The unexpected survey results gives strong evidence how much the Reserve’s silence is valued by Reserve volunteers and visitors alike. So, besides the pure enjoyment of viewing the different plants species that can be seen blooming throughout most years and the health benefits from hiking the Reserve’s trails, simply sitting and basking in the silence can provide health benefits by itself.

To read more about the "modern plague" of sound pollution and how to escape it, download the full Sept 2018 Report from the Field below. Report  includes discussion and documentation of rising temperatures.

The following chart gives a list of typical fall blooming plants on the Reserve. September 2018 Report From the Field includes this chart and discusses plants currently blooming at the Reserve. Download the pdf below for the full report!