Report From the Field
June 2019
Mike Powell
with Marsha Neill and Bob Waidner

Now that the Poppy Reserve’s visitor Center is closed until next year and the spring’s wildflower season is drawing to a close, it’s probably a good time to summarize what happened this spring. Unfortunately, the lingering aftereffects of a medical treatment I had to undertake prevented me from visiting the Reserve after mid-March so I missed almost the entire poppy season this year. 

All of the readers who were fortunate enough to have visited the Reserve this spring know what I missed. Thanks to NASA this statement is not completely correct; more on this a little later.

With the Poppy Reserve’s “official” weather station accessible through the internet, I was still able to keep track of the Reserve’s weather even from home and can therefore make some comments on how this past winter’s weather likely impacted the Reserve’s resulting spring wildflower displays....

To read all of Mike's June report and find out about the remarkable photo above, please download the PDF below: