Become a Mojave Desert Explorer!

Complete all 6 short hikes/ activities in six different Mojave Desert state parks to become an official Mojave Desert Explorer. Take as long as you like to complete these activities and do them in any order. For each park, you can do the suggested hikes or a longer one if you wish!

Individuals, families and youth groups are all encouraged to participate.

When finished, mail the form to Mojave Desert Explorer, 15701 East Avenue M, Lancaster CA 93535 to receive your Mojave Desert Explorer Certificate!

Download the form:

Take a Hike Certificate
The Take a Hike program is jointly sponsored by


 The Mojave  Sector of California State Parks

 The Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association

and the

Friends of the Antelope Valley Indian Museum.

Links to Information about the importance of interacting with nature for children and adults:

Last Child in the Woods and other books by Richard Louv

New Research Suggest that Nature Walks are Good for the Brain

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