State Park Volunteers

 Lead Tours and Hikes

Share their Love of Nature

Connect the Past to the Future

Preserve Ancient Cultures

 Celebrate Nature through Art

Participate in Parades, Fairs, Festivals & Special Events

And meet Wonderful People from the Antelope Valley

And from all Around the World!

Want to meet great people from the Antelope Valley and from all around the world? Want to share your love of nature and history? Do you enjoy the company of friendly and dedicated people? Then consider becoming a state park volunteer!

For more information, email Ranger Jean Rhyne:

Quotes from current volunteers:

"The time I have spent as a volunteer has been fascinating.  It is amazing how many people from all over the world come to the Antelope Valley to view our state flower, the California Poppy and the many other native wildflowers that bloom at the Poppy Reserve."

Jim, volunteer for over 25 years


 "I have volunteered at other places that were very enjoyable but demanded a huge time commitment. Here, I love that I’m constantly learning new facts about local plants and animals but it is also great that this commitment is only for 2 months every year and that I can choose the days I volunteer. I also love walking the trails and talking to all of our wonderful visitors."

Sandi, volunteer for 5 years